FOOD STOP is an online grocery store which provides perishable and non-perishable goods online. The idea is to bring the market to your home, thereby selling convenience to the customer. FOOD STOP aims to sell convenience to its customers and ensure that people can get all their groceries without leaving their homes inspire their busy schedules. FOOD STOP also offers wholesale delivery services for both individuals and corporate organisations who want to order products in bulk.
The colors are carefully choosen from the vegetables and fruits. And the font is carefully designed to give a friendly and homely feel to the brand.
Our Initial concept was to make the feel of the traffic signage to the entire feel of the brand, but later moved up to develop more logo options as to give out client wide range of options.
Our task as simple as it seems, was quite challenging and also exciting as always, to develop a unique brand and also an online platform with simple UI and a great UX.