LUXURY BY FEYI  is a high end fashion brand from the UK. The LBF collection combines touch of african fabrics and colours with European elegance and casual luxury. A seductive cut, first-class fabrics and bold details to meet the demands of every classic woman.


J ZONE MEDIA developed  a system of visual identification for the LBF brand which are the logo and the brand identity. Using the name as a tool of identity, specifically tilting on the font solution that was selected for the project. This solution has its own system and uniqueness as seen in the media which has inturn position the brand inline with other global luxury brands.
The font conveys the character of the company, emphasize its individuality. It emphasizes the brand luxury personality.
 One of the characteristic features of the logo is the icon, which places an emphasis on elegance of the style it sets the rhythm and dynamics.
The gold color and makes the image of the brand more expressive to show worth and luxury which the brand stands for – All the visual assets all in their totality makes a unique style that stands true to its core essence and connect to the right audience.
To build the brand into an international luxury brand, with much awareness and acceptance locally.
We developed all visual elements needed to reposition the brand, tilting more towards luxury and high end segment. Aside from building the brand assets, we developed many programs to support the brand and build more loyalty from the target audience.


LOOKBOOK ( SS 2016 collection )